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Trusted worldwide for high-precision measurement; custom solutions specifically designed for the data storage industry, machine tool alignment, and more!

You have unique project challenges that require a high level of expertise, flexibility, and innovation. The solution you seek is at your fingertips with an AKI Autocollimator. Learn more about our diverse range of highly sophisticated autocollimators and measurement devices with our special offer.

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Maximize Your Manufacturing Potential 

We can help you create a custom, fully integrated, precision measurement autocollimator for your unique application. When you partner with us and place your trust in our expertise, your projects reach their maximum potential. High-Resolution measurements can be taken from any smooth reflective surface such as stainless steel, copper, polyimide, and polished composites. 

To meet the specific needs of your business, we offer:

  • Industry-leading machine vision
  • Precision laser measurements
  • Sophisticated Autocollimator Measurements
  • Quality custom Solutions

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